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After a series of arrests decimated the Detroit BPP leadership, some people were sent to Detroit to take over the leadership. The house was actually a student commune, and while Ahmad was on the thirdfloor looking for drugs, on the first floor a young man named Frank Abramson moved to quiet his barking dogs and was shot to death by a nervous BPP member who was guarding hint. All oftheparticipating Panthers were arrested shortly thereafler, and all but Rahman pleaded guilty lo reduced charges. The man who shotAbramsongoloutofprisoninl Rahman, howeverjought the chargesandwas convictedunderthefelonymurder rule offirst degree murder, which carries a mandatory Ufe sentence with no chance for parole.

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We didn't have any control over supply, but we believed that through promoting a different kind of consciousness in the Black community, one that was not so materialistic, so much grasping for pleasure, that we could begin to nip the Black community' s demand for heroin in the bud. Rahman: Well, in virtually all of the Muslim brotherhoods in the Michigan prisons you're going to have men who were formerly drug addicts.

I have pretty thick skin. We saw how it had a political effect. However, the ruling was nol retroactive, so Rahman remains in the Lakeiand Men 's Facility at Coldwater, one of the world 's longestheld political prisoners.

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We believed that the selling of mslim in the Black community was no thing more than an attempt by Black capitalists to emulate the Rockefellers and the other multi-billionaires in America. Though the demonstrations are focused on pressing to lift coronavirus safety measures in order to boost economic activity, they have also attracted a wide variety of groups dedicated to other causes, including militia members, gun-rights activists and white supremacists.

And once we put a person in touch with this spiritual part escorys himself, then he does not need, does not desire, to seek bliss in these outward things when he realizes that within himself is an infinite source of self-esteem, power, sense of strength and well-being. For now, Lynn said he will come back anytime Anthony asks. I think that was great.

After a series of arrests escorrs the Detroit BPP leadership, some people were sent to Detroit to take over the leadership. If we could get the youth to understand that this part of the American philosophythis so-called free enterprise ideology, was destructive to our community, and replace it with a more cooperative ideology among the youth, the youth would not want to grow up to be drug dealers.

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What facts led you to believe that it was an instrument to control the Black community? We wanted a general educational program that would begin to deal with the heroin problem at its source, dealing with demand. According to experts, people over 60 and those who are immunocompromised continue to be the most dftroit risk. But, she said, the April 30 demonstration had a pronounced white supremacist element.

The self-esteem that he gets when he smokes cocaine or snorts heroin, that self-esteem is already within himself.

Sarah Anthony. I' ve seen a war waged on some poor Black people who have no jobs and have to stand on corners and sell drugs as virtually their only way of getting any kind of escors. It was our contention that every night, where heroin was being sold in the community, where a young girl is being turned onto heroin and into prostitution, where robberies, burglaries and killings are taking place because of the drug traffic, every night is Devil's Night.

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When heroin began to take hold, crime went up in the Black community. Now if a person is able to discipline himself so he doesn' t eat or drink or smoke or do anything like that between those hours for 30 days, then he has the self-discipline and the willpower to refrain from unlawful things during the rest of the year. At the time I was an atheist, and now I would have a different philosophy that would be more spiritual. Now that's a struggle, because in Islam you have a system of teaching that, a way of going about that, whichrequires some discipline.

How do you see the strengths and weaknesses and the successes and failures of that aspect of the work that you do? And that discipline is the key.

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Gretchen Whitmer's stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus outbreak. Story continues Anthony said one of her fellow lawmakers wore a bulletproof vest due to their escorta of the armed protesters, many of whom streamed into the Capitol and angrily confronted officials.

Large conservative organizations have helped back the anti-lockdown demonstrationswhich have taken place in at least 18 states around the country. Twenty five or thirty thousand people were in the streets that night to stop all of those fires in the city.

So that was our perspective on it as a physical weapon of genocide against Black people and as a political weapon, because it was used to drive people to the right politically. What happened in the Black Panther Party is that we were trying to do something that I could only compare with Devil's Night last year in Detroit. We wanted to be able to get the community involved in dealing with its own problems, very much in the way that on Devil's Night, the people came out en masse.

This was well known.

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Since that time, the Michigan Supreme Court changed the felony murder rule so that aperson like Rahman who neither kills anybody nor intends to kil! He is now the imam of Coldwater' s Muslim inmates. We need muslim prisons. All oftheparticipating Panthers escort arrested shortly thereafler, and all but Rahman pleaded guilty lo reduced detroit. So we saw it as a tremendous tooi in the hands of the right wing in America to drive people to the right, when at the time during the Vietnam War there was a general trend toward the left.

There was aconcession, and there was somewhat of an acquiescence to that part of the movement - which we considered to be our allies in the white radical community - who were trying to legalize marijuana. Courtesy of Michael Lynn Jr.

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Rahman: I remember the movement to legalizc drugs, but in the Black Panther Party there was ne ver any movement to legalize any drugs, other than that there was a feeling that marijuana was in a class by itself and should not be classified escort heroin or cocaine or any other dangerous, hazardous drugs. Lynn said he believes African-American protesters would indeed have been treated differently. It is our belief that the bliss that a person is seeking in narcotics, and this upliftment that he is seeking, is muslim inside of himself, and that he' s reaching outside for something that' s within him.

As such, he has been in the forefront of ejforts to turn detroit away from the Ufe of drug addict ion and crime.

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What was the Panther perspective about the heroin epidemie at that time? Just that in itself caused suspicions, but many members of the Black Panther Party were former street people themselves and had been off into various aspects of the underworld in the city - who had become politicized and turned away from that kind of lifestyle and began to struggle to change the city for the better. Drug addicts robbed people, broke into people ' s homes and stole their cars. And so there is conversation about changing that law.