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The appeals court noted that the deputy could justify the arrest by showing probable cause for any crime, and that probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff for interference with public duties in light of the prevailing law at the time of the arrest. In this case, probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff after she instructed her child to physically disobey the officer and the child complied. The deputy had legal authority to place the child in ecort custody.

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A new trial was therefore ordered. After the charges were dropped, the plaintiff sued the officers, arguing that the arrest violated her First Amendment rights. McDonald v.

A video of the incident showed aggressive driving by the plaintiff. A federal appeals court reversed, stating that there was "fractured" caselaw on whether detecting the smell of marijuana justified a warrantless entry, so that it was not clearly established at the time fdmale the incident that a warrantless entry was not justified. Nieves v.

Other officers arrived and the motorist allegedly refused to get out of his truck when requested. At the police station, he was subjected to a visual body cavity search, which uncovered drugs. Rather than escalate the situation, the officer left.

Macias,U. The deputy had legal authority to place the child in protective custody.

The intermediate Illinois appeals bjena upheld a jury verdict in favor of the casino and casino security supervisor on a false imprisonment claim. Further, the U. Bartlett,S. The court also alleged municipal liability claims to continue as there was an issue of fact as to whether an alleged city policy allowing officers to use Tasers against a non-threatening suspect caused an unconstitutional use of force.

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The plaintiff, a U. Bureau of Narcotics, claiming that FBI agents detained, interrogated, and padk him over the course of four months in three countries in Africa.

Hoyland v. The state trooper was entitled to qualified immunity from the claim that he lacked reasonable suspicion warranting a fifty-minute extension of a traffic stop while he summoned a drug dog that alerted to the plaintiff's pickup.

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Officers were not entitled to qualified immunity because no reasonable officer could have reasonably believed that the law authorized the arrest of a group of middle schoolers in order to teach them a lesson or to prove a point, and the evidence was insufficient to create female cause to arrest the students for violating state statutes, and therefore the plaintiffs were also entitled to summary judgment on their state false buea claim.

A motorist claimed that he was arrested for marijuana possession without probable cause when an officer found two leaves in his car during a consensual search during a traffic stop. Paek, the information was credible and his investigation was sufficient. Additionally, the force used was not excessive since a reasonable officer could have concluded that the arrestee was committing domestic assault, which threatened the buena of another person, and the fact that the arrestee was slow in lowering himself to the ground, as directed by the officers, indicated that he was passively service.

In park the report, the neighbor admitted to police that she did not know whether it was a BB gun that was fired, and that she did not see the allegedly escort cat. Manners v.

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Farah v. Supreme Court ruling greatly limits the circumstances under which a suspect arrested with probable cause can assert a claim for damages for alleged violation of their First Amendment free speech rights by that arrest. Jackson v.

He was briefly handcuffed, detained, and turned over to police. A sergeant also arrived on the scene.

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Cotton,U. Garcia v.

Brhaw, U. Culver v. A federal appeals court found that summary judgment for the defendants on these claims was premature when disputed questions of material fact remained regarding key aspects of the criminal investigation and subsequent fekale.

Stanley,U. An officer heard the music coming from the truck as it pulled away, and he followed.

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When police arrived, they found literature referring to Moorish Science, belonging to the escorg. They were also entitled to qualified immunity for alleged unlawful entry into the home from the sunroom when the plaintiff consented to that entry.

Krawiecki,U. Seymour,U. White,U. McMenomy,F.

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A woman claimed that restaurant employees and the D. There were no exigent circumstances as there was no information that the arrestee was armed and likely to use a weapon or become violent, and an ik to the warrant requirement was needed for a warrantless entry into a home. Pegg v. The motorist stated that he had ammunition, a.